JVC Lens Calculator

JVC Lens Calculator 3.5

Calculate the values of your lens with JVC Lens Calculator
3.5.92 (See all)
Brian Carter

JVC Lens Calculator features
- New models added: RS1
- Includes all JVC models
- Multi-language support for German, French and Japanese
- User preferences can be set as defaults
- All model dimensions
- All lens combinations
- Lens help icon for quick lens information
- 3rd party 0.8, Anamorphic, Panamorphic adaptors
- Full scaler selection by model type and video source
- MAC sources added and newer line rates
-Only allowed lines rate by model are available
- 4:3 and 16:9 screen calculator
- screen diagonal can be entered in inches, even while working in feet or meters
- Screen and Side views can be seen at same time
- Ceiling and floor views available
- Mirror feature
-Inverted mode if available
-Keystone correction if available
-Project name shows on workspace
-Project comments shows on workspace
- Polarization states for all models
-How to get started help

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